Why is Dad So Mad? (A book about PTSD)

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Written by Seth Kassel & Illustrated by Karissa Gonzalez-Othon 

The children's issues picture book Why Is Dad So Mad? is a story for children in military families whose father battles with combat related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

After a decade fighting wars on two fronts, tens of thousands of service members are coming home having trouble adjusting to civilian life; this includes struggling as parents.

Why Is Dad So Mad? Is a narrative story told from a family's point of view (mother and children) of a service member who struggles with PTSD and its symptoms.

Many service members deal with anger, forgetfulness, sleepless nights, and nightmares.

This book explains these and how they affect Dad. The moral of the story is that even though Dad gets angry and yells, he still loves his family more than anything.