The Wild Wood Tarot

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Based on seasonal rhythms and ancient festivals, “The Wild Wood Tarot” gift set draws inspiration from pre-Celtic mythology and shamanic mysteries.

This stunning new deck introduces us to classic forest archetypes–including the Green Man and Woman, Archer, and Blasted Oak–and explains how to use them as a meditation system, divinatory oracle, or reference.

Look to the heart of a primeval forest where deep ancestral wisdom lies to help make sense of your world today.

With beautiful images by Will Worthington, The Wild Wood Tarot can be used as a meditation system, a divinatory oracle, or as a source of profound knowledge.

It's easy to quickly access the magical lore of the Wildwood through descriptions of each card revealing its historical and mythological background as well as its divinatory meaning.

A 160 page guide book covers the individual meanings of the cards, as well as insights from the lore this deck is based on.

From the Green Man and Woman, Archer, and Blasted Oak, authors Mark Ryan and John Matthews introduce forest archetypes based in the seasonal rhythms and festivals of the ancient year.

Step back in time to better understand where your life's path may lead.

Cards + Book included.

The Four Suits are: Arrows, Bows, Stones and Vessels. Each card has it's name as well as a meaning on the bottom.

The Major Arcana are numbered and labeled at the bottom. All the standard names from the Rider Tarot have been changed on these cards.

0. The Wanderer – 0. The Fool

  1. The Shaman – I. The Magician
  2. The Seer – II. The High Priestess
  3. The Green Woman – III. The Empress
  4. The Green Man – IV. The Emperor
  5. The Ancestor – V. The Hierophant
  6. The Forest Lovers – VI. The Lovers
  7. The Archer – VII. The Chariot
  8. The Stag – VIII. Strength
  9. The Hooded Man – IX. The Hermit
  10. The Wheel – X. Wheel of Fortune
  11. The Woodward – XI. Justice
  12. The Mirror – XII. The Hanged Man
  13. The Journey – XIII. Death
  14. Balance – XIV. Temperance
  15. The Guardian – XV. The Devil
  16. The Blasted Oak – XVI. The Tower
  17. The Pole Star – XVII. The Star
  18. The Moon on Water – XVIII. The Moon
  19. The Sun of Life – The XIX. The Sun
  20. The Great Bear – XX. Judgment
  21. The World Tree – XXI. The World