Swallows Dance - Wendy ORR - Audio book CD

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Award winning author

Leira's family flee to the island of Crete just before a huge volcanic eruption destroys their island and sends a tsunami to where they thought they had found safety.

The noise throws us from our beds. It’s too huge to be heard; it bombards us. It’s the sound of the end of the world.

Leira is starting her initiation as a priestess when her world is turned upside down. A violent earthquake leaves her home in pieces. And the goddess hasn’t finished with the island yet.

With her family, Leira flees across the sea to Crete, expecting sanctuary. But a volcanic eruption and tsunami throw the entire world into darkness.

In the resulting chaos, Leira finds her noble-born privilege reduced to nothing; alone with her injured mother and elderly nurse, Leira’s only hope of survival is her own resourcefulness.

A thrilling Bronze Age survival story from the award-winning author of Dragonfly Song.

Read by Roslyn Oades. MP3 ready compact disc. 6 Hours & 42 minutes duration. Unabridged.