Strange Tombs - Essex Witch Museum Mystery - Syd Moore

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Halloween in Essex, and things are going well for the writers on the Mystery and Suspense course at old Ratchette Hall. Things however take a turn when early on All Saints Day the course administrator is discovered murdered in the hall.

Why would anyone, dead or alive, want to kill mild-mannered Graham?

The Essex Witch Museum investigators are quickly drafted in. As Rosie Strange and Sam Stone's investigation progresses they find more questions than answers: who is making the unearthly howling noises late into the night? What is the strange glimmering glimpsed in the woods about the Hall? Why is one of the church crusaders missing a finger? And what of the enigma of the ancient empty tomb?

When another one of the writers turns up dead the pair must use their experience of folklore, mystery and magic as well as their wits to solve the mystery before the body count grows.

About the Author

Syd Moore lives in Essex where the Rosie Strange novels are set. Prior to writing, she was a lecturer and a presenter on Pulp, the Channel 4 books programme. She is the author of the mystery novels The Drowning Pool, Witch Hunt and the Essex Witch Museum Mysteries, Strange Magic, Strange Sight and Strange Fascination.

Industry Reviews

'A hugely enjoyable series.' * i news *
'In this fourth book the series shows no sign of flagging, indeed with the season of walking ghosts and the looming darkness of winter it appears to be heading for new revelations and a chillier tone. Still great fun, and with some sharp messages besides)... I'd strongly recommend.' * Blue Book Balloon *
'Rosie Strange is a great character and it's always a pleasure to spend time in her company.' * Crime Review *
Praise for Syd Moore:

'A fun and thrilling read, one hugely impressive element is that Moore uses her light tone and intricate character relationships to address some serious points - ranging from people trafficking through to the derogatory stereotype of the Essex Girl. Lead character Rosie Strange is a woman to be admired with her ballsy, no-nonsense attitude, excellent boots and compelling family history. I can't wait to see more of Rosie, Sam and the Essex Witch Museum in the future.' Cathi Unsworth, author of Weirdo