Original Fantasy - A practical guide to writing genre - Emily Craven

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So you've finished your genre novel and it is Frankenstein's monster.

Don't Panic!

Whether you write fantasy, science-fiction, crime, thriller, YA or chick-lit, this humorous and helpful guide will hone your skills and lead you through the quagmire of writing original fiction.

Emily Craven details the lessons she learnt during her twelve-month mentorship with award-winning author Isobelle Carmody. Emily has included dozens of examples of her original passages, along with Isobelle's insightful comments.

An award-winning publisher and author in her own right, Emily simplifies and demystifies the complexities of writing and editing your novel.

"Emily creates a warm, funny, personable read in this guide book version of our mentorship. I love it. Even if I do come off as a stern and slightly frightening Mage..."

Isobelle Carmody