Oogie Boogie (Burlap Sack) FUNKO Pop! #450

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Everyone is entitled to their favorite Nightmare Before Christmas character. Some favor Jack. Some are partial to the Mayor. Some would fight and die for Sally. And those dog lovers out there always go for Zero. 

But there's another Nightmare fan...one who dances to the beat of a different drummer. One just like you, who will always pick Oogie Boogie! We applaud your sense of individuality and remind the haters out there that every great story must have a villain to keep the action going. How else can Jack and Sally be heroes? Anyway, no need to defend yourself to us, just pick up this Pop! Disney: Nightmare Before Christmas—Oogie Boogie Bug Figure and proudly display your choice for all to see!

This fun figurine from Pop! depicts the boogeyman, sans burlap sack and entirely made of bugs! Place him amongst the other figures of your collection, but don't be surprised if, come morning, you find that this licensed little monster has turned your desk into a high-stakes casino!

Stands approx 4 inches tall.