Magic: The Gathering - Commander Deck - Draconic Rage

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Magic: The Gathering - Commander - Draconic Rage

Incinerate your enemies 

Choose your commander and overcome both friend and foe in this definitive multiplayer Magic format. Call upon Vrondiss's ancestor dragons and immolate everything foolish enough to stand in your way. Once the dragons fury has subsided. only you will remain.

Vrondiss, Rage of Ancients. In the throes of battle, Vrondiss enters a berserk state where his rage takes over, giving him superhuman strength and resilience. He has learned to call upon the spirits of his dragonborn ancestors to fuel his fury, and he looks to those spirits for wisdom and protection on his path. 

This set brings the storytelling and role-playing elements of D&D to Magic through fan-favourite D&D spells and monsters and incredible booster fun treatments highlighting classic D&D flavour, including the rulebook treatment reminiscent of early Monster Manuals.

And, of course, players will find an abundance of both dungeons and dragons.

Ages: 14 +

In the Box:

  • 100-card ready-to-play Adventures in the Forgotten Realms (AFR) Commander deck
  • Deck includes 2 traditional foils + 98 nonfoil cards
  • 1 foil etched Display Commander
  • 10 double-sided tokens + life tracker and deck box
  • Reduced-plastic packaging
  • Strategy insert & reference card

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