From my Window children at home during COVID-19 - United Nations

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A compilation of stories based on the lives of children who observe the world through their windows during the COVID-19 pandemic. From Asia and Europe to North America, Latin America, and Africa, the book explores children's shared experience of life away from school and friends, of wondering about the people in their lives and communities who are in need of help, and of discovering what we can do to stay active and to support others.

Despite the hardships, the children portrayed in this book find innovative ways to support their families and communities, and care for those in need while staying positive and healthy.

From My Window is conceptualized, written, and illustrated by Xue Bai. We hope that this beautifully illustrated book will show children that they are not alone in facing the challenges that this global pandemic brings. We will probably face other challenging situations in the future, and this book shows that every day is an opportunity to love, learn, create and connect, no matter the circumstances.