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The Worst Place Your Water Could Break:
1. The Hollywood Bowl.
2. Southwest Flight 3464
3. In the Trader Joe's parking lot--when your husband isn't answering his phone and you're left at the mercy of your college-aged sperm donor

Laurie and Alan are expecting, again. It's been an emotional journey, but Laurie cautiously optimistic--the fertility treatment worked, and things seem different this time around. But she doesn't yet know how different.

Jack can't seem to catch a break--his parents are on his case about graduating from college, he's somehow dating two girls at once, and he has to find a way to pay back the money he borrowed from his fraternity's party fund. The only jobs he is qualified for barely pay enough for beer money, but an ad for the local sperm bank gives Jack an idea.

When Laurie and Alan discover that Laurie was accidentally impregnated by a sperm donor--Donor 296--they will learn nothing should be expected when you're expecting.

Paperback - fiction - 340 pages