Dungeons & Dragons - Adventure Begins - Boardgame

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  • Step into the exciting world of DandD with the Dungeon and Dragons Adventure Begins board game for ages 10 and up
  • For new DandD fans This game is a portal to the monsters, magic, and heroes of Dungeons and Dragons; Players work together as they journey through the lands of Neverwinter
  • Players can choose and customize their hero and backpack, battle iconic DandD monsters, and experience a new adventure every time; So, step forward, brave heroes; adventure awaits
  • Choose a journey and which Boss your party of heroes will fight in the end; Choose from Felbris (Beholder), Orn (Fire Giant), Deathsleep (Green Dragon) and The Kraken
  • Game Includes; 4 mini figures, 4 Boss tiles, 4 20 sided dice, 10 sided Dungeon Master die, damage clip, 4 health trackers, plastic deck holder, 20 character tiles, 4 dungeon boards, 24 gold, 4 adventure decks, item deck, 4 reference cards, 8 backpack cards, 12 gatekeeper cards, part stand and game rules