Disney Alice in Wonderland Funko POP 178 Cheshire Cat

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Look at those green eyes, that wide toothy grin, those telltale turquoise stripes... all of these things could only mean one thing... you've run into the Cheshire Cat! Lucky for you this POP Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat vinyl figure won't bother you out of the blue or guide you with puzzles and riddles... he's just made of vinyl by the fine folks at Funko.


Yes, keeping a Cheshire Cat around might be dangerous, but luckily he's just a wee little figure (about 3 inches) you can display at home or at work. Keep him in the box if it makes you feel a little more secure, but if you're feeling like you need his guidance on your journey through Underland, then keep him out and see where you two can go together.... this way, or that way.