Amari & the Night Brothers - B.B. Alston

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A 12-year-old girl from the housing projects discovers her brother was more than he seemed … And so is she. A gripping, fun, heartfelt new fantasy for an upper middle-grade audience.
Quinton Peters was the golden boy of the Rosewood City low-income housing projects, receiving full scholarship offers to two different Ivy League schools. When he mysteriously goes missing, his little sister, 13-year-old Amari Peters, can’t understand why it’s not a bigger deal. Why isn’t his story all over the news? And why do the police automatically assume he was into something illegal? 
Then Amari discovers a ticking briefcase in her brother’s closet. A briefcase meant for her eyes only. There was far more to Quinton, it seems, than she ever knew. He’s left her a nomination for a summer tryout at the secretive Bureau of Supernatural Affairs. Amari is certain the answer to finding out what happened to him lies somewhere inside – if only she can get her head around the idea of mermaids, dwarfs, aliens and magicians all being real things, something she has to instantly confront when she is given a weredragon as a roommate. 

Product Features:

  • Amari is full of heart, a girl who will fight for her family at all costs, even if that means following her brother into a curious, dangerous new world.​
  • Men in Black meets Nevermoor and Harry Potter in this addictive, heartfelt MG BlackGirlMagic adventure. ​
  • A refreshing, own-voices take on the blockbuster fantasy adventure, with an African-American protagonist who comes from the housing projects and deals with real-world considerations (financial hardship, marginalised communities and their limited options and experience of prejudice) as well as the world of magic and the supernatural.
  • Film rights acquired by Universal Pictures, now in development with Don Cheadle. Black-ish actress Marsai Martin will star in and produce the film.