Alien Encounters in the Western United States - Tracie Austin

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The 9 accounts of alien encounters in this book are true. For decades, researchers have been investigating the UFO phenomena across the globe, and have acknowledged the extraterrestrial reality and that alien encounters are very real and widespread, oftentimes the main focus of the UFO subject. Here, learn about firsthand alien/UFO cases. Meet Dr. Roger Leir, who documented encounters and performed surgery to remove alleged implants.

Read about on-craft horrifying physical examinations, reproduction experiments (including women impregnated with alien fetuses), hybrid children, telepathy, levitation, missing time, and more. See drawings by Christine Dennett of alien beings, including the Greys, Reptilian, Nordic, Dwarf, and the Tall Whites.

These encounters are even accompanied by memories of being approached by unusual beings, discovering implanted objects in the body, noticing unusual markings on the skin, being returned to locations other than where encounters began, and numerous other clues. It's time to follow the alien encounter evidence.

AUTHOR: Tracie Austin has experienced more than a dozen UFO sightings, including a personal ghost experience and paranormal events. Christine Dennett has a passion for art and currently works with many witnesses and prominent authors to accurately portray unusual events and paranormal experiences.