Alice in Wonderland CATERPILLAR 1009 Pop Vinyl

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Whooooo aaaarre yooouuu?

On a dozy summer's day, Alice suddenly finds herself falling down a rabbit's hole, into a strange land of wonder where all the creatures talk but they speak nothing but nonsense; where flowers and playing cards come to life, and where size is *very* relative. Seeking the white rabbit she swims through an ocean of her own tears, attends the maddest tea party she's ever known, and even matches up against the Queen of Hearts in a round of croquet! But no matter how wonderful or terrifying it gets, all she wants, in the end, is to return home.

This Pop! features the Caterpillar that Alice meets when she has shrunk in size, seated atop a mushroom. He offers some helpful, though cryptic hints to help her on her way. Add him to your collection today!

Ages: 3 +

Limited edition Funko convention issue Pop!