A Big Hug Book: Anger is Like Armour

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Anger is a strong and powerful thing. It brings us lots of energy, and it can tell us when something is not right or when we have a problem. Anger is something that can protect and take care of us. Anger is a bit like armour.

This series deals with emotive issues that children face in direct and gentle terms, allowing children’s feelings and problems to be more easily shared and discussed with family and friends. These beautiful picture books share simple examples of positive thinking that children can apply to everyday situations.

About the Author

Shona Innes is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist with many years of experience helping others. As well as individualising psychological interventions for a wide range of people and behaviours, Shona has advised organisations, big and small, about promoting better mental health, safe behaviours and the right kind of ways to manage and support others with problem behaviour or in troubling situations.