50 flat pack hacks - Elyse Major & Charlotte Rivers

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DIY projects featuring unique, contemporary home decor and furniture designs.

You spend your life standing out from the crowd - so why should your furniture be any different? Boring shelves, tables and cupboards are a thing of the past. Now, assembling flatpack furniture can be an exercise in creativity. Armed with 50 Flatpack Hacks, you can transform your living space without spending thousands on high-end brands. This book gives you the inside track on personalising, customising and repurposing your flatpack furniture.

Learn clever hacks for every room in the home - from stylish bathroom shelves to savvy media storage, innovative lighting, upscaled soft furnishings and even unique toys for kids. Each project comes complete with illustrated step-by-step instructions and inspirational full-colour photography. The ideas, tips and techniques in 50 Flatpack Hacks range from basic embellishment projects to advanced builds, when it's time to get out your power tools. Once you've mastered these hacks, the possibilities really are endless.

About the Author

Elyse Major is an author and the creator of the brand Tinkered Treasures. From her home in Rhode Island, U.S.A., she writes for many craft publications as well as her blog.

Charlotte Rivers is a creative insights researcher, who has written many design books and regularly contributes to a variety of different creative publications. She lives and works in London, U.K.