5:2 Your Life - 6 week plan

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We’re all so busy that sometimes tackling the changes we know we should make feels daunting, even impossible.

But small changes can make a huge difference. And that’s what 5:2 is all about – taking simple steps, on just two days per week, which will have a powerful ripple effect on your whole life. The 5:2 Diet has already transformed the lives of thousands of men and women all over the world.

Now Kate Harrison, bestselling author of The 5:2 Diet Book and The Ultimate 5:2 Recipe Book, has taken her knowledge and experience to turn the diet into 5:2 Your Life: get happy, get healthy, get slim. An inspiring six-week plan will help you take control of the things that matter most to you, from your relationships, your work, your health, your leisure time and the dreams you’ve been neglecting. There’s even a brand new eating plan to help you lose weight too – with exciting recipes and guidelines on eating the 5:2 way for the rest of your life.

Small changes, big dreams – why 5:2 Your Life is no ordinary ‘self help’ title
5:2 Your Life is packed with ideas, challenges, activities and psychological insights into the most effective ways to help small changes transform your life. As with her other books, Kate Harrison charts the highs and lows of her own 5:2 journey with absolute honesty - and her realistic, humorous approach cuts through the self-help jargon.

The plan includes six weeks of challenges that are personalised to help you identify the areas of your life that need shaking up – and to make the good bits, even better! Each week, there’s a different theme – with activities and tasks to help you achieve what you want.

Alternatively, if you have a major goal in mind already, like giving up smoking or changing your career, the DIY 5:2 Option can help you achieve it
Even the busiest person will be able to find enough time to try the enjoyable, energising activities – and 5:2 Your Life also includes a six week eating plan that complements the lifestyle challenges. You can choose to do them together, or separately – it’s up to you.

The 5:2 Your Life Plan takes you through a series of activities to help you identify the changes that will benefit you most – and work out how to achieve them. The ideas and tasks are practical and proven, offering creative ways to help you feel happier and healthier. The activities are backed by scientific and psychological research – but they’re broken down into manageable chunks that won’t make unrealistic demands on your precious time.

The 5:2 Eating Plan has all the information to help you start the 5:2 Diet – along with a set of fresh new recipes for your fast days, plus extra guidance on eating well all week long.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to 5:2 Your Life.